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George Michael's Family Shares A Touching Tribute On The Anniversary Of His Death

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The world lost an absolute musical icon when George Michael passed away on Christmas Day in 2016. The 53-year-old pop singer had risen to considerable stardom from the 80s onwards, thanks to both his time in the absolutely prolific duo Wham!, as well as his multitude of solo albums that sold millions of copies.

Unfortunately, like many pop stars, Michael also led something of a chaotic life. While he had numerous run-ins with the law over his sexuality (considering homosexuality was wholly outlawed in England for the longest time), the more troubling matters were his numerous arrests for possession of hard drugs, as well as driving under the influence of them.

The singer had been admitted to the hospital several times for life-threatening conditions, and while he had repeatedly bounced back, his life seemed to catch up to him when he died of heart failure at the age of 53. The world of music was devastated at the news, and tributes from fans and friends alike began to pour in for the fallen icon.

Now, a full year after his death, Michael's family opted to share their own tribute to the man, and it's one of the most touching things we've ever seen.

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