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15 Filthy Jokes We Never Noticed That Prove Childhood Innocence Is A Thing We Definitely Used To Have

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Cartoons are often geared completely towards kids, but sometimes the studios behind them realize that there are adults who watch these (especially if they have kids), and decide to throw in a little something for them too. In the case of these 15 cartoons, we definitely had no idea at the time why mom and dad were absolutely cracking up.

Hawkgirl explains The Flash's love life.


Shrek implying that a villain has a tiny... ego...


Pretty sure the bus driver in Hocus Pocus is creepier than the witches...


I'm not sure they're just talking about cell division here...


This moment from The Road to El Dorado.


Timmy Turner's dad is savage.


Arnold's grandpa definitely indulged in some... substances.


The jokes just get crazier from here...

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