Everyone's Favorite Amnesiac Princess Is Going To Broadway In A Musical Adaptation Of 90s Animated Movie Anastasia

Do you remember the amazing animated film Anastasia? It was one of the best non-Disney animated movies of the 90s! There were amazing songs, lovable sidekicks, and goofy villains - what else could you want?!

Well, Anastasia is coming back! This time, on the stage. The musical inspired by the film will begin previews March 23rd and will be officially open April 24th.


The first press photo of the cast has been released, introducing us to the stars who will play Anastasia, Dmitry (right) and the new villain (left) who is trying to stop Anastasia from finding her way home.  

The new cast doesn't seem to include a hilarious bat, but it's still early in production.


What do you think about all these old stories coming back to the spotlight? Obviously there are success stories, do you think Anastasia will be one of them?

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