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Elisha Cuthbert Never Makes Movies Anymore, Here's Why She Stopped

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Elisha Cuthbert was someone that a lot of us grew up with. She was in one of the best kids' shows of all time, Are You Afraid Of The Dark?. As she grew up, she seemed to fade back out of the spotlight. While she tried to make the transition into film, it just didn't seem to go as she planned.


She was a few years into her role on the show 24, when she decided to start pursuing film. She had her first big starring role in a movie called The Girl Next Door that came out in 2004. It was a raunchy teen comedy, kind of like American Pie, however it didn't perform nearly as well.

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The following year, she went on to star in the movie House of Wax. It was a horror movie that stared Paris Hilton and did not do very well at the box office. It was so bad that it was nominated for Worst Picture of the Year by the Razzie Awards, and their star, Hilton, was awarded with "Worst Actress of the Decade".

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Participating in a movie like that is bound to hurt your reputation. Elisha Cuthbert may not have been the worst part of the movie, but it probably isn't fun when everyone hates the movie you made.

She became lost in the 'L.A. scene'. After spending time with Paris Hilton on set, they became friends and went out to nightclubs together. She even appeared in Hilton's music video. She said "for a long time I was naive about who I was surrounded by. I was caught up in the L.A. scene. Not that they were bad people, I just couldn’t ask any of them to drive me to the airport." She has since stepped back out of that life and focused back in on her career.

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Her movie roles may not have been the greatest, but she managed to find her stride in television. Since stepping back to her roots, she has been able to find some pretty excellent success.

What is she up to now?

Elisha Cuthbert was on the show 24 for 9 years, playing Kim Bauer.


She then was part of a shortly lived show called The Forgotten with Christian Slater in the main role.


Then came one of the greatest roles that doesn't get enough credit: Alex Kerkovich in the TV show Happy Endings. The show may have only last for three seasons, but it was absolutely hilarious and well loved. The cast was wonderful and there are still people out there who want this show to come back (including me).


Cuthbert then joined the cast of One Big Happy, another shortly lived sitcom.


Currently she is starring of the Netflix comedy The Ranch with Ashton Kutcher.


She is also married to hockey player Dion Phaneuf. She will even attend his games when her schedule allows it!


Even though the big screen hasn't been kind to her in the past, hopefully we will see her back and better than ever in the future. Or at the very least, maybe she can get Happy Endings to come back because that show deserves another season!