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7 Facts About Dumb and Dumber That Are 'As Good As Money, Sir'

So many people say that Dumb and Dumber is their favorite movie, but how much do they really know about it? Sure, Jim Carrey is a genius in it, and Jeff Daniels is basically perfect, but do they really know how much work went in behind the scenes?

The movie was one of those surprise hits that has developed a huge cult following its original release. It spawned a bunch of sequels, an animated TV show, and a prequel, but none will ever compare to the original. Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne had quite the adventure, but let's see what it was like behind the scenes.

1. Jim Carrey's success with Ace Ventura ended up getting him a huge raise

New Line Cinema

He was initially offered $350,000 to play Lloyd Christmas, but because Ace Venture: Pet Detective was such a huge hit, his agents were able to secure him $7 million! His pay check was almost half of the entire budget of the movie.

2. Lloyd's chipped tooth is real

New Line Cinema

Carrey had chipped his tooth years before filming this movie, but to help make Lloyd seem even more deranged he had a dentist remove the cap.

3. Carrey improvised a lot of the most iconic lines

New Line Cinema

He's known to be quite the improv master, adding his own special touches to every movie he makes. In Dumb and Dumber, some of the great lines he added in include the "most annoying sound in the world" and the line "No way...that's great! We've landed on the moon!"

4. Jeff Daniels had some weird rules about his hair

New Line Cinema

During production, Daniels was instructed to only was his hair with shampoo, but to never use condition, detanglers, or even just brush it. It helped keep it as frizzy and messy as they wanted it to look, but I imagine it was hard to manage on his days off!

That's not all the cast went through to make this epic comedy...

5. Harry and Lloyd were almost played by some very different people

New Line Cinema

The original actors that were in mind to play Harry and Lloyd were Nicolas Cage and Gary Oldman. Steve Martin and Martin Short both turned down the role of Lloyd, while Rob Lowe was almost cast as Harry.

6. While filming, Jim Carrey stayed in the hotel from The Shining

New Line Cinema

He even requested room 217, but checked out only three hours later. He apparently has never gone back and won't tell anyone what he saw there.

7. Jeff Daniels says that he was almost replaced

New Line Cinema

Apparently for the entire first week of production, they wouldn't film Carrey and Daniels together in case they needed to do reshoots. Daniels said that there was even a comedian on stand by to replace him. Carrey insisted that Daniels was the best choice because a "real actor" would help keep him grounded.

The movie is one of the funniest movies of the 90s, and we are just lucky to have been able to watch it!

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