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7 Things About Drive-In Theaters That Prove They Are The Best Way To Watch A Movie


Drive-in theaters were a monumental experience for any teenager. Your parents were fine with you going to the movies, but it was as if the drive-in was this cool teenage-version of the movies, that you felt like a bad-ass for going to.

1. You could turn your car into a bed

If you or one of your friends parents let you borrow their hatchback or truck, you could turn the whole back into a pillow bed, making it the ultimate viewing experience.

2. Double features

Okay, probably the best part of going to the drive-in was paying for one movie and getting to see two or sometimes even three. Also, it was the only time your parents would be okay with you staying out until 2 a.m.

3. Easier to sneak snacks

If it was a drive in theater with a concession stand you usually weren't allowed to bring in your own snacks. But, you could sneak in 5 pizzas if you wanted to and nobody would notice. Sure beats the movie theaters if you ask me.

4. Relaxing

Getting to watch a movie under the stars makes the experience just that much better. Also, if you fall asleep during the movie, no one will judge you because no one can see you.

5. No one can hear you talking

Unlike a normal indoor movie theater, you can talk to your friends or a date without getting yelled at. Because sometimes the movie is boring and you just want to get to know your date without being "shhh'd."

6. It's... Private

This is great because it is always nice to watch a movie in privacy and hey no one can judge you for making out with your date in the back seat.

7. No strangers

The absolute worst thing about the movie theater is that if it's full you have to sit beside a complete stranger. I don't know if this is just me but it completely wrecks the experience when the stranger beside you is constantly giving you dirty looks for all the sarcastic jokes you're making throughout the movie. Luckily, at the drive-in theater you are least 6 meters from the nearest stranger, and you can't even see them!

Drive-ins are not as common as they used to be, but there are still several still open all across the country. If you're feeling nostalgic as heck right now and want to find a drive-in theater, go to to find a drive-in near you.