Do You Remember This Classic Family Comedy? Where Are They Now: Malcolm In The Middle Edition

Malcolm in the Middle was one of the biggest shows of the early 2000s. There were seven seasons of the quirky family comedy, with the four brothers struggling to make sense of their pre-teen through young adult lives. The family was led by two parents who were definitely a presence. Hal, the father was a bit of a goof and Lois was a very strict mom.

It was one of the few shows to skip the laugh-track and it also employed the always fun technique of having one character breaking the fourth wall. It all worked great, even when they added a new kid to the mix in season four.

What ever happened to the actors from this classic coming of age comedy?


Bryan Cranston - Hal


The ultimate goofy dad, Hal was pretty great. He obviously has become one of the biggest actors following the success of Breaking Bad, completely switching his image from hilarious dad to menacing meth dealer.


Jane Kaczmarek - Lois


She was a strict mom, but an excellent mom. I couldn't imagine being her and having to deal with living with that many boys. Between her goofy husband, her rebellious first two boys, her troubled middle child and then the awkward young kids, that is a lot to handle. She is still acting quite a bit, appearing on several TV shows and even getting her own recurring character on the Simpsons.

Christopher Masterson - Francis


Francis had a troubled past, but he eventually seemed to figure it out a bit. He has been in a lot of TV movies and guest starred in a couple TV shows as well. One thing I didn't realize, he is actually the brother of Danny Masterson, AKA Hyde from That 70s Show!

Justin Berfield - Reese


A very stereotypical big brother who is kind of a bully, but he played it well. I feel like having to always feel less intelligent than your little brother but he was still pretty terrible. He actually stopped acting for a while after Malcolm in the Middle, only coming back for one project back in 2010, but mostly stays behind the camera now as a producer for Virgin.

Frankie Muniz - Malcolm

The cornerstone of the show, Frankie Muniz was the perfect mix of whiny teen and clever kid. He didn't do anything super huge after the show ended, just some guest spots on TV shows while he focused on his racing career. He has however returned to Hollywood now and then, and even joined the Sharknado franchise which is a choice. He actually has a few movies that are in post-production right now so maybe Frankie is due for a comeback?

Erik Per Sullivan


Little Dewey was quite the kid. He actually started acting back in 1998, and stopped a few years after Malcolm in the Middle went off the air. He looks a bit different now!

Lukas and James Rodriguez - Jamie

While you may have forgotten about the youngest of the family, twins played Jamie. They both appeared in one other TV show for one episode as a sick child but have not acted since. They appeared at a reunion back in 2012, but no word on what they are up to now. Probably still pretty young to be fair!

Craig Lamar Taylor - Stevie

As Malcolm's heavy breathing friend, Stevie was always a bit exhausting to try to listen to. He has been in a few things since the show ended, and is apparently an "aspiring tattoo artist". You can hardly recognize him!

Do you remember this show? Can you believe that it's been 10 years since the show ended?

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