Do You Remember The Elephant Show?

Maybe I am just being nostalgic, but the old TV shows that were intended for kids were just some of the greatest ever made! Probably one of the absolute best was The Elephant Show starring Sharron, Lois and Bram and of course their good friend the elephant.

Do you remember the show at all?

Every episode started with this song

Because multiple elephants walking on spider webs makes a lot of sense.

And every episode ended with this song. I bet you will still know this dance.

This song and the simple motions that go with it will be forever burned into my long term memory that I am certain that if I got amnesia I would still be able to sing along perfectly well if someone put this on.

Their outfits were ICONIC!

Hey Lois, where can I get that sweater?

Who knew peanut butter and jelly could be so exciting?

They stayed friends!

Lois recently passed away, but Sharon and Bram spoke of their friend highly.

It's been almost 40 years since the musical trio joined together.

40 years next year, Sharon, Lois and Bram are still a staple for many parents. Probably a lot of the kids who grew up with them are having kids now! It's so great that they can share their favorite kids show with their own children!

Do you remember The Elephant Show?

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