Cats Recreate Classic Star Wars Scene

Spoiler alert: if you're 36 years late to see the fifth Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes Back, this video might ruin it for you.

YouTube user Pasdidée has done everyone a great service by filming the classic "I am your father" scene with his cats playing Luke and Darth Vader.

Their very precarious cat toy is the perfect setting for the climactic showdown, and his pets make pretty good actors to boot. Be sure to turn on the subtitles so you don't miss any of their star-making performances.

The force is definitely strong with this parody, which Pasdidée has named "The Empire Scratches Back". Maybe next time he could work in some light sabers, but it would probably be pretty hard to train the cats to hold them.

What's really impressive is this isn't Pasdidée's first all-cat movie remake. He's also shared "Ticatnic," his take on the epic James Cameron romance, and "The Cat King," that is pretty much a small-scale version of The Lion King. Be sure to check out the dramatic 'fight' over a piece of string.

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