Do You Know What These Are?

If you show a picture of these to anyone over the age of 30, there's a good chance they can tell you what they are. Anyone under the age of 30? Well, let's just say they'll have some spirited guesses but nothing accurate.

If you don't know...they're roller skates from the 1970s! Roller skating, roller derbies, and roller rinks were maybe THE hottest trend in the 70s.

As kids, you had the clunky metal strap-on roller skates that attached right to your shoes! Hopefully you didn't lose your key, otherwise there's no way those puppies were fitting properly!

Ahhh, I can still hear the metal clanking on the pavement as I skate down the road. As things progressed, the brown leather roller skates came more into style. Didn't matter if you were wearing them at the roller rink or just to knock some people down at a derby, they were STYLISH.

And of course, who can forget disco dancing while in those fancy roller skates? Basically, anything involving roller skates was the in the 1970s. Here are some fun throwback pictures to bring back those memories!

Do you have fond memories of roller-skating? Let us know!