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10 Music Videos That Are Creepier Than Most Horror Movies

Music videos are great ways to pair visuals to some of our favorite songs, but when you take a song with messed up subject matter, you get a messed up video out of it. In the case of these 10 videos, we'll be pretty impressed if you sit through all of them.

Nine Inch Nails - "Closer"

Between its weird visuals and unnaturally-moving animals, this was one of our earliest clues that Trent Reznor probably wasn't entirely right in the head (but it's also pretty awesome).

Tool - "Sober"

Stop-motion and claymation can either be endearing or absolutely unsettling, and Tool intentionally went the second route for this video. It's not scary, but it manages to get under your skin.

The Prodigy - "Breathe"

Because every electronic dance song needs a video full of creepy arms coming out of the walls, DUH!

The videos just get creepier from here...

Marilyn Manson - "The Beautiful People"

I mean, it's a Marilyn Manson video, what'd you expect?

The Cure - "Lullaby"

Warning, if you're arachnophobic you're going to want to skip this one. Why? Three words; giant spider people.

Alice In Chains - "Them Bones"

A song dedicated to death and decay gets a video with plenty of both, complete with creepy video clips of insects and animals attacking each other. Pretty cringe-inducing.

Rockwell - "Somebody's Watching Me"

Rockwell's scared of his own house, and with all the creepy camera angles and sudden movements in this video, so are we.

Geto Boys - "My Mind Playing Tricks On Me"

Surprise surprise, a music video about a serial killer is really creepy!

Ozzy Osbourne - "Bark At The Moon"

What's scary about this one is just how cheesy the whole thing looks (and even looked then). Just look at werewolf Ozzy! Or gutiarist Jake E. Lee's ruffled shirts!

Michael Jackson - "Thriller"

Okay, yeah, this isn't actually creepy. We just figured you earned yourself a break!