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10 Games We Played As Kids That Probably Meant Our Teacher Was Hung Over

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Before classrooms were littered with iPads and other fancy electronics, teachers resorted to old-fashioned indoor classroom games that wasted a lot of time.

Anything was better than studying or completing worksheets, so we went along with it, but not all these games were as hype as teachers tried to make them. That being said, not all were that bad either.

Let's be real though, the ones that were more competitive were the most fun. Here are 10 indoor games that will open the floodgates to some of your favorite, and maybe most-hated, childhood memories.

Seven Up (Heads down, thumbs up!)

This is probably the most loved and hated indoor classroom game of all time. If your classmates weren't a bunch of cheaters who pretended their eyes were closed, this game was awesome. But utopia doesn't exist, so this game was only fun for the first few minutes until everyone was irritated by so-and-so who fluttered their eyelashes while classmates walked by.


This one wasn't too bad if it didn't stretch on for more than 10 minutes. If your teacher chose the words, it was probably more organized and less unruly. If students were chosen, then you had to stick your forefinger in your ear to drown out the noise.

Simon Says

Did you know that this game dates back to ancient Rome? It was originally called "Cicero says do this" until an English nobleman, who happened to be so powerful he imprisoned King Henry III, inspired the name change. I'm proud to say that now I can pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time. Clearly, I learned so much.

Freeze Dance

The only aim here was to have fun. All you had to do was wiggle your body to the age-appropriate music until it stopped playing. Then it happened all over gain. Maybe it was fun until you hit middle school.


The glory days! Nothing felt better than shrieking bingo at the top of your lungs. The prize may have not been so great, but those jealous glares as children pushed away all chips from their paper was worth it.

The best is yet to come!

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