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20 Things From Your Childhood So Old They're Literally In A Museum

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Museums and exhibits are popping up showcasing everything that was great about our childhood. That's awesome, but displaying all these relics makes us feel old, and the last thing we need is to be reminded that we're aging.

Here are 10 things that defined your childhood and can now be found in a glass case.

20. Oh, the memories!

The Atari 2600, a Simple Simon and a Tandy portable computer can now be found at a Devon Museum in the Southern U.K.

19. Our digital pet friends will never see the light of day.  

18. If they need more of these, I have a whole box I'm trying to get rid of.

17. Are my eyes deceiving me? The iPod shuffle came out in 2005?

16. Simon must have said he wanted to be in a museum, so now he is.

15. These never fit in your pocket and always fell on the ground, so I guess they are better off in a museum.

14. Do you remember these adorable decorative toys?

13. Kids these days will never know what it was like messing with Kid Pix on these school computers.

12. Your first cell phone, the 2004 Motorola RAZR, is now displayed in a museum. How do you feel about that?

11. Your childhood wasn't complete without one of these.

These next ones will make you feel really old!

10. What's the point of arcade games if they can't be played!

Martin Reinhardt, head of Pinball & Arcade Game Collections, says these arcade games won't last much longer, and soon will only be found in museums.

9. Thank goodness this was a fad.

8. To be fair, that game belongs in a museum. It looks really old.

7. At least my childhood will be remembered.

6. Take a good look, do you recognize any of these.

5. Will kids ever have the chance to touch such a useful cassette tape?

Seriously, there's no need for that to be in a glass case.  

4. What if I tell you my computer still runs on this...

3. Kids still play Pac-Man, right? Well, definitely not on that machine...

2. This Fisher Price garage is probably still somewhere in your attic.

1. To think the late '90s is considered as "old."

How many of these do you still own? Let us know in the comments!