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10 Ways "Friends" Showed Us How To Make Thanksgiving Fun

It takes quite a bit for a show to become a standout - even more to have a lasting appeal over the years. Friends managed to do this, with its cast of wonderful goofballs who all could somehow afford to live in giant apartments in New York City even though half of them didn't have jobs a lot of the time.

Each season, the six friends celebrated Thanksgiving with a big meal cooked by Monica, usually while something ridiculous was happening. If you want to try to host a Friends themed Thanksgiving dinner, here is what you need:


1. Several types of potatoes, including mashed with lumps, whipped with peas and onions, and tater tots. And when that all burns, grilled cheese.

Grilled cheese is pretty delicious anyways, so you aren't missing out.

2. Mockolate Chip Cookies, Mockolate Cranberry Cake, and Pumpkin Pie With a Mockalate Cookie Crumb Crust

Please note that your friends will hate you for serving it and apparently it might have some negative side effects.

3. An overly competitive football game with a really creepy looking trophy

Because what every dinner needs is a lot of physical exertion! That's 100% what I want to do when I am eating a heaping serving of turkey and mashed potatoes.

4. A large crate for your friend to sit in, an eye patch, and your ex-boyfriend's son

Thanksgiving is the time for "emotional scarring", according to Richard's son who Monica is into. So make sure you have a series of injuries, betrayals and awkward relationships on hand to make the experience authentic.

5. A turkey big enough to wear on your head


This part is very important, get a really big turkey and pull a Mr. Bean, and shove your head in there. I am going to recommend getting a plastic one, because I can only assume the smell is not something you would ever want to experience.

6. A "traditional" English Trifle: Lady fingers, jam, custard and beef sauteed with peas and onions.

You would need a fairly strong stomach to want to try this, but if you do here is how you make it:

7. A game that will drive everyone nuts

Do you think you can name all the states in 6 minutes? I don't think I could, but you should give it a shot and see how your family does.

8. Maternity pants to tackle that turkey

I don't know why more people don't do this. Thanksgiving is not the time to try out those tight pants, give yourself some breathing room and wear some elastic pants!

9. Surprise guests that cause a scene

Thanksgiving is a time to bring family together, but sometimes we really wish we didn't have to.

10. Someone getting themselves into an awkward situation

Whether they end up with their head stuck in a door, or getting their toe cut off, if you try to host Thanksgiving like Friends, you will likely have someone getting injured.

Which Thanksgiving episode was your favorite? Have you experienced anything like this at your Thanksgiving meals? Share in the comments!