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10 Things We All Did On MSN Messenger That Now Fill Us With Shame

The early 2000s were a tumultuous time with weird beauty trends and angsty music; we really had to find a few things to help us survive. The best and most popular way to thrive socially in the early 00s was to spend every possible moment on whichever instant messenger you were a fan of. MSN was by far the most popular, but there were also others like AOL and Yahoo. There were certain things we all did while using these services to make ourselves stand out, how many are you guilty of? 1. Typing your name out with aLtErNaTiNg CaPiTaLiZaTiOn


Someone Gave Toad Human Legs Now And It's Hilariously Awful

Everyone is familiar with the Nintendo franchise Mario, right? Well, the important question is are you familiar with the character Toad? Toad is one of the characters who frequently pops up in a many of the games. He is a small little guy who has a high-pitched voice and an iconic mushroom-themed hat. NintendoThe fact that Toad is having his own little moment in the sun is maybe a little bitter-sweet, because it really isn't for anything Nintendo did. A lot of people are talking about him right now, not because of a new game or any related news about


10 Games We Played in School Because They Were Supposed To Teach Us Things

These days, we spend most of our days on computers or our phones, but back when we were kids it was like this special treat we only got ever once and a while. The best class was always computer class because you would get to play the best games around! Schools always had the best games! A few lucky kids were able to get home computers as well, but a lot of us had to wait until it was time for the best class around. Obviously all the games needed some kind of educational component, but they did a great


20 Pictures That Will Make You Say "Why Can't Adults Have Summers Off?"

There was nothing better than getting to that final day of elementary school and knowing you were going to have two solid months of fun and adventure. You knew that in September you'd have to head back to class, but July and August were free for whatever you could imagine. Everyone had a different idea of what made for the perfect summer. Some kids liked to play outside, others had a bunch of video games they wanted to beat, while others were excited just to relax. No matter what you liked to do, I think we can all agree that