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It's Been 23 Years Since We Said "Bye" To Felisha, And We're Wondering Where She Went

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If you've been active online over the last couple of years, you may have come across numerous instances where people have used the phrase, "Bye, Felicia" to end an argument or dismiss a person.

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In case you weren't aware of the timeless phrase's origins, it came from the cult classic film Friday, which debuted in 1995. Alongside the lead stars, Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, was an actress named Angela Means, whose character, Felisha (the actual spelling), inspired the phrase.

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You can relive the iconic moment in the video below:

It's been 23 years since the comedy hit the silver screen, and while we know that many of the actors in the movie, including Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Regina King, Megan Good, Nia Long, and Faizon Love, have gone on to have very successful careers, we haven't heard much from Means.

So what has the actress been up to since she was dismissed?

After permanently cementing her name in popular culture, Means took up roles in couple of projects in the late 90s, including The Cherokee Kid, Sprung, and A Luv Tale.

She also landed the role of Vanessa Walker in the television show Cousin Skeeter, alongside her Friday co-star Meagan Good.


Once the show ended, Means took a hiatus from acting for a few years. She returned in 2008, and appeared in a television movie titled Customer Service Sucks.

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Her entry back into the spotlight was further fueled by the the phrase "Bye, Felicia" becoming a meme and a hashtag, as well as her son, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Brad Kaaya.

β€œI feel blessed,” Means said. β€œIt came back around right when Brad goes off to school. A character I played is a big part of pop culture. What is that?”

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Means currently lives in Los Angeles, and according to IMDB, she is supposed to be filming a movie called The Regiment, but it appears as though production has been halted. Means has sort of retired from acting, and currently owns a vegan soul food restaurant, Jackfruit Cafe.

"Coming into the hood, I had to do this," explained Means. "I had to do a soul food spread... to get people's attention and to let them know I do know what I'm doing. I can cook. Trust me, I got you."

Means rarely brings up the fact that she's the iconic Felisha in Friday, but there's a bell on the restaurant's counter that reminds her and her customers of the popular phrase.