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Where Has Brendan Fraser Gone, And Is He Alright?

Where has Brendan Fraser gone? He was one of the biggest stars for what felt like a while, but then suddenly he vanished. Where did he go and why don't we see him in all the movies anymore? Well, to find out where he is, first we need to look back at what he's done.

Fraser got his start in TV movies, like many other actors. His first character didn't even have a name, he played "John's friend" in the TV movie Child of Darkness, Child of Light in 1991. However, after just three more small TV parts that year, he landed his first starring role in 1992, in the movie Encino Man.

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He played a caveman that was frozen in ice, and when he gets thawed out he has to learn to adapt to the 20th century. From there, he continued on in comedies, playing Chaz in the movie Airheads with Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler.

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In 1997 he brought us the miraculous and hilarious movie George of the Jungle, bringing a lot of heart into a goofy movie.

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Shortly after, he landed the lead role in The Mummy, which became a huge series that was loved by millions.

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However not everything he made was gold. Remember Monkeybone? No? How about Dudley Do-right? Didn't think so. But two failures couldn't lead someone being completely kicked off the A-list, right? Well, it took a weird turn as the years went on...

Fraser was cast in the Oscar-winning movie Crash and then started to try out some smaller features. He was in a movie with an all-star cast, including Kevin Bacon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Forrest Whittaker, called The Air I Breathe but it was a total flop.

His next few movies barely made any money. Extrordinary Measures was a film he made with Harison Ford, that only managed to make 50% of its budget back. The family-friendly film Furry Vengence just barely made enough to cover its budget.

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He was supposed to return for a sequel to one of his earlier films that had been successful, Journey To The Center Of The Earth, but he was holding out for the director from the first movie who wasn't hired to make the sequel. The producers took this opportunity to replace Fraser with Dwayne Johnson.

By 2013, he was starting to have issues with money. He was paying his ex-wife $900,000 in child support and alimony but he couldn't cover the costs anymore. He hadn't had any substantial roles in years.

Since then, he has transitioned mostly to TV, but nothing has taken off as much as he'd like. He is often the butt of many jokes because of how he looks, but honestly, it must have been really hard to look like the king of the jungle! He is currently filming two TV shows, one is called Trust and the other is called Condor. It looks like he will be the lead in the show Trust so hopefully that helps bring him back to the A-list!


Do you remember watching all those Brendan Fraser movies when you were young? Don't you agree that he needs to make a comeback?