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Sesame Street Gets 'Fresh' With Their New Rap About Bert And Ernie


Bert and Ernie have been the best of friends since the pilot episode of Sesame Street. They were so well received by their test audiences that they were changed from side characters to main characters.

They were originally performed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz, and were supposed to show how people with opposite personalities can still be the best of friends.

People have had a lot of speculations about the relationship between Bert and Ernie for years, but finally Sesame Street has made something that gives us their whole origin story, and it's as "fresh" as it could possibly be.

Bert and Ernie have made their own parody of the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and it is literally everything you want it to be and more.

Not only do they wear some Will Smith-style hats, but they tell the story of how they met.

It starts of with Bert rapping about how his "life got flipped, turned up eyebrow," and continues with them saying that "we'll tell you how we became, Bert and Ernie."

Bert was born and raised on Sesame Street, "Learning letters, numbers - singing Sunny Days," but as with any kid, it's eventually time to move out.

"Growing up, moving, flying the coup, said buh-bye to my Mommy, off to 1-2-3 stoop," Bert continued.

That's when a bunch of other Muppets from Sesame Street make their appearances, including a fly by from Grover and a shout out to Oscar the Grouch.

"There I met a grouch who didn't smell too good, told me to - SCAM! - Leave the neighborhood," Bert sang.

But obviously he had some advice from his mom, just like the Fresh Prince did back in the 90s.

"Keep your head up, be kind, and you'll find your way!"

But that's when he finally meets Ernie!

"I said 'Hello' when I got near. He said 'Oh what's that, I've got a banana in my ear. Wanna be friends who laugh, learn, and share? Ernie pointed to the seat and said, 'Sit right there!"

They were fast friends, obviously, because right away they moved in together.

Right away Ernie "Introduced him to Rubber Duckie as our new roommate."

"One half of a whole, one part of a pair, that's the story of how we became, Ernie and Bert - Put it there!"

So, I don't know about you, but I think this is absolutely adorable. Now we know how they met, and personally I think that's great.

Source - Youtube

Who else is happy that Sesame Street continues to make excellent content?