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Backstreet Boys Sang 'I Want It That Way' With Classroom Instruments And It Was Perfect


The Backstreet Boys have been keeping their promise for decades now, "as long as there is music, they keep coming back again." Well, to be completely honest, they've never really left, but just go with me here.

BSB's latest song called "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" took all of us by storm. It feels like such a classic throwback to their original hits and the video is absolutely 90s perfection.

They have been out promoting it, doing YouTube videos and appearances at the Country Music Awards, but their latest appearance brings back a classic song that no one is ever going to get sick of.

"I Want It That Way" was one of the best singles off of Millennium. You can't hear the first two words of the song without immediately joining in. It's basically a rule that all of us need to live by, just accept it.

The music video was pretty important obviously, and even though the song makes no sense, we don't care.

Jimmy Fallon apparently loves the song too, because in his popular 'Classroom Instruments" segment, he brought all the boys in their classic white outfits to sing "I Want It That Way".

They had nothing but xylophones, tambourines, kazoos, and other little musical instruments you'd find in a grade school music class.

Here's the best part: It still sounds amazing.

It doesn't matter that it doesn't have all the fancy 90s-style pop music, the song holds up and the boys still rock those all-white outfits. The Roots and Fallon also wear their best Millennium-inspired white outfits and together they make the song the perfect classroom jam.

BSB will live on forever, but it's nice to know that they can still nail every performance that they do.

It's always nice to see how much the band likes to revisit the classic song. Not only that, but they love to interact with their fans. Every year they go on a huge cruise with a boat-load of people, where they perform concerts, throw theme parties, and hang out with their life-long fans. It's a pretty wild experience.

Source - The Tonight Show