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15 Songs We Had Blasting From Our Bedrooms When Our Teen Angst Was Just Too Much

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Being a teenager is often an exercise of angst, anger and sadness for reasons that you don't entirely understand (hint: the answer is puberty). Usually, a lot of kids turn to music to try to cope, and they end up feeling like songs understand them in a way that their parents just never could. In particular, these 15 songs were a cornerstone of early 00s angst.

Avril Lavigne - "Sk8er Boi"

OBVIOUSLY this guy I've been dating for a week and I are gonna be together forever, MOM!

Linkin Park - "One Step Closer"


Simple Plan - "I'm Just A Kid"

Honestly any Simple Plan song could be here.

Joan Jett - "Bad Reputation"

Every group of friends had at least one girl who thought she was more original and rebellious for finding this song when other girls were listening to Britney Spears. She was usually pretty hot.

Korn - "Falling Away From Me"

Only a true poet like Jonathan Davis could understand the deep, real feelings we all felt inside.

Beastie Boys - "Fight For Your Right"

You had it right Beasties, living at home IS such a drag.

Marilyn Manson - "The Dope Show"

If this didn't piss your parents off, either you had some pretty laid-back folks, or you're lying.

Get ready to cringe at some of the other stuff we loved...

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