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The Most Popular Computer Of The 80s Is Coming Back, And We're Dusting Off Our Floppy Disks

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Computers have come a long way in the decades since they were first created, and nowadays it's hard to imagine a time when things like computer mouses, the Windows Operating System, or even affordable color monitors, didn't exist.


Those of us who grew up in the 80s remember this all too well though, because back in the day you pretty much had a DOS command prompt, some floppy discs that could hold a few kilobytes of data, and a keyboard that made so much noise it could keep your entire house awake into the night.


Back then, by far the most popular computer brand (aside from maybe Apple) was Commodore. While their Commodore 64 was revolutionary for featuring games on strange media like cassette tapes, it was the Amiga that put the company on the map. The small, relatively affordable system was a huge hit, selling over 6 million units at a time when computers were still a relatively new thing.


The Amiga is a computer that people still remember fondly, but of course, computer geeks nowadays have no real good way to go back and experience for themselves. Thankfully, it looks like they'll now get a chance: a company is producing a mini version of the classic computer that you can connect to your TV!

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