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6 Facts About The Man Who Was Definitely In Your Favorite Movie

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Chances are, you have seen actor Bob Hoskins. In fact, the odds are good that you have seen him in a ton of your favorite films over the years.

Hoskins was an incredible actor with a history of working on stage with famous plays in leading roles, and was able to lift up any story line with only a side part. He passed away in 2014, but his death is still given a tribute year after year by fans loyal to his brilliant characters.

Whether he was on or off the screen, Hoskins had a larger-than-life personality that translated into some hilarious moments from the guy who was at one point a camel-herder, a plumber, a detective, and a...badger?

Here's six facts about the actor who never knew you never knew!

He once lived as a desert nomad. No, really.

Hoskins went soul-searching in his twenties, and ended up in the Israeli desert living with travelling Bedouins herding camels. Not quite Zulu Dawn, but that would come...

Anybody need a plumber?

Before playing Mario in the movie version of the video game, Hoskins actually worked as a plumber. That is, until he lit his coworker's shoe on fire. Hey, he could have been a Goomba!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? gave him serious hallucinations.

He said he was seeing creatures for weeks after filming because of having to imagine them all the time. He didn't think it was serious until one incident.

He said, "I went to this one do where I got talking to a very county lady with a big hat and there was this weasel in her hat with a big pr--k!"

If you think that's weird, wait till you find out how Mr. Smee from Hook chose what movies to work on!

Al Capone was nearly in his repertoire.


When the movie The Untouchables was being written, Hoskins was chosen as back-up to play Al Capone in case Robert De Niro wasn't able to star in it. He eventually got a check for $200,000 from the director, to which he said, "If you've got any more films you don't want me to be in, I'm available."

His movies had to pass the "Toilet Test."

He famously revealed that he would take scripts to the bathroom to read, and if he read it for long enough to end up with a cold bum, he'd take the job. We can only assume that Spice World only made it because of the AC being too high...

He could also be an ass

When he was offered a role in The Cotton Club, director Francis Ford Coppola called him up at midnight, and received a curt reply.

"A voice said, 'Hi, this is Francis Ford Coppola. ' 'Yeah!? And this is Henry the Eighth, and you've just woken up my kid!'"

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