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Get Excited: A New Roald Dahl Clothing Line Is Here

Roald Dahl books are such a classic part of every kids' childhood.

They were full of whimsy, love, and imagination. They provided an incredible escape into a fantasy land during a time where we didn't have technology to distract us.

In a genius act of invention, Boden clothing brand has partnered with Dahl's literary estate to create a clothing line inspired by his iconic books.

Unfortunately for us, the clothing is currently only in children's sizing. But if you have little ones yourself, or your friends have some cute kids to spoil, then you can take it to a whole new level of gift giving. And who knows, maybe if enough people are interested then these designs could make it to an adult-size clothing line!

Check out some of the books that have been transformed.

James And The Giant Peach



Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Mr. Twit

Fantastic Mr. Fox

These outfits are all so cute! Which one is your favorite? Let us know!