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12 Things Every 90s Kid Had In Their Bedroom

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If your bedroom didn't have these things, you probably wanted them at some point. It's crazy to think today's teens want an aesthetically pleasing bedroom, when all we wanted was a lava lamp and a couple posters to be happy. Here are 12 things you probably had in your room in the 90s.

1. At least one creepy doll.

I have no idea why every household had at least one of those creepy china dolls, but at one point I had a shelf absolutely filled with them all sitting side by side.

This went on for a few years, until I grew out of the stage where I thought they were cool, and into the stage where I would wake up in the middle of the night with seven dolls staring back at me.

2. Glow in the dark stickers.

There were always the galaxy stickers. I honestly I have no idea where these things came from, but once they were on your ceiling, they weren't coming off without a fight. There was a time when you just needed to accept them as part of the wall.

3. Door beads.

These are my number one memory from my childhood bedroom. I have no idea why we liked these things, they were horrible. Not only were they extremely loud, I also got a bead in my eye one too many times for these to be considered practical.

I remember when I first got door beads and my sister and I walked in and out of my room probably 50 times, because there was something about entering a room through beads that made you feel like a rock-star.

4. A wall border.

These were horrid. Who in their right mind would think it would look good to put a single strip of wall paper all around the room? Oh, that's right my mother would.

This is where those celebrity posters came in, they covered the teddy bear wallpaper up perfectly. I am not even kidding, my old room at my mom's house still has the wall paper border, to this day.

5. Boy band posters.

I remember getting magazines just so I could get the double-fold posters out of the center of them. I think we all had at least two posters on our walls that we would sing to, and I hate to admit it, but kiss from time to time. When I was about 12, I covered one of my walls entirely in posters.

6. A diary with a lock and key.

Something about being a preteen means you think everyone cares about what's going on in your life. That meant having to not only hide your diary, but also hide the key that goes along with it.

I'm not sure what I thought was so confidential about our lives that no one could find out about. God forbid my mom reads my diary and finds out that Jackie has a crush on Chad.

7. A dream catcher.

Dream catchers were huge in the 90s. I remember all of my friends had them and one of my friends had six all above her bed because she swore something bad would happen if she didn't. I know I had one too, but I think I kept it in a drawer or something.

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