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If You Can Guess These TV Catchphrases, You Absolutely Grew Up In The '90s

Catchphrases have been a big part of TV since it was invented. It seems like every show had at least one character who had a signature phrase that they need to say in every single episode, otherwise it just didn't feel right.

The 90s was jam-packed full of catchphrases that are absolutely iconic. It seemed like networks would only air a show if it had as many catchphrases per episode as humanly possible.

Let's see if you can remember these 90s star's famous catchphrases.

1. Bart Simpson had a few, can you name any of them?


2. Steve Urkel was a unique guy, but what was that phrase he was always saying?


3. That little dinosaur had a lot of energy, but what did he constantly yell?


4. Blossom's brother was quite the dreamboat, but he never really had much of a way with words


5. The whole cast of Seinfeld would say this all the time


6. Basically everyone from Full House had a catchphrase, let's start with Joey, what was that guy always saying? Bonus points if you remember the hand gesture


7. Now, D.J. also had her own special phrase, can you remember it?


8. Uncle Jesse had an Elvis inspired catchphrase


9. Don't forget little Stephanie!


10. And of course Michelle


There are still more catchphrases to try and remember, and don't forget to check your answers!

11. Angelica from Rugrats had some very specific thoughts about children


12. What was Corey Matthews big brother always yelling over the fence?


13. Sabrina was also very fond of a certain word


14. I guess it was more of a persistent insult, but it sort of counts, what was Helga always yelling?


15. Tim Taylor sure had his own interesting style...


Let's see how many you got right!

1. Bart Simpson's most famous catchphrases were "eat my shorts!" and "aye carumba"

2. Steve Urkel's obviously known for saying "did I do that?"

3. The baby dinosaur was constantly yelling one of two things: either "I'm the baby!" or "not the mama!"

4. Plain and simple, Joey would of course say "whoa" multiple times per episode

5. The entire cast of Seinfeld would constantly speed up their stories by replacing things with "yadda, yadda, yadda"

6. Now we're into the Full House block. Basically everyone has a catchphrase, Joey's was "Cut. It. Out" with a hand gesture to match

7. D.J. Tanner would yell out "oh Mylanta" when she was shocked

8. Uncle Jesse would say "have mercy" an awful lot

9. Middle child, Stephanie, would constantly say "how rude"

10. And little Michelle was lucky enough to have a couple different options. "Awe, nuts," "you got it dude" and "you're in big trouble, mister" were a regular occurrence

11. Angelica was always complaining about the "dumb babies"

12. Eric Matthews would go out side and start screaming to his teacher by yelling "Feee-heee-hee-ney!"

13. Sabrina Spellman would give an excitable "woohoo!" when things went her way

14. Helga would bully poor Arnold and say "move it, football head!"

15. Tim Taylor's catchphrase was more of a gutteral grunt. The hearty "uuggghh?" was so necessary that it was part of the theme song.

How many did you remember?