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90s And 00s Beauty Crimes We Were All Guilty Of


When looking back on our old photos, we can't help but think, "What was I thinking?" This era was a really rough time for the beauty community and I hope we can all just forget it ever happened.. Here's a list of eight beauty crimes we all committed:

1. The skinny brow

I feel like this looks even worse now that big brows are in. I hope this trend never comes back, it was painful trying to keep up with tiny brows.

2. The top pony

You know that ponytail coming from the top of your head looking like a waterfall? That's right, the one we're all trying to forget.

3. Porcupine up-dos

I'm not even sure how we managed to make our hair stay like this but, bonus points if you had tiny pieces of hair pointing in every direction.

4. Barrettes

Our drawers were full of hundreds of these, and we only ever threw them out when the paint chipped or the fabric came loose. Also, my scalp probably has scars for how often the metal scrapped my head.

5. Crimped hair

So much frizz.. We probably permanently damaged our hair to get this horrible look.

6. Chunky highlights

Were the hairstylists just really bad back then? I blame Kelly Clarkson for this horrible trend.

7. Way too much eyeliner

It's not enough eyeliner until your mom starts to thoroughly worry about you.

8. Over-lined lips

This looked terrifying in all its unblended glory.