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87-Year-Old Grandma Uses Microsoft Paint To Create Beautiful Masterpieces

Using the computer as a kid was kind of a privilege that you didn't get everyday. Kids now have little computers in their pockets from a young age, so probably a lot of the novelty has worn off.

Even when we weren't allowed to use the internet, there was one program that would entertain us for hours, and that was Microsoft Paint.  

The simple software that came preinstalled on every computer was basically everyone's favorite thing. The only thing we would use more than Paint was probably Solitaire. Between Paint and Solitaire we could have spent hours on the computer if we were allowed to.

Even though our parents would kick us outside all the time, we all got pretty good at using Paint. But honestly, after seeing what Concha Garcia Zaera can do, I no longer feel like my simple designs can even qualify as a picture.

Zaera is 87 years old, and she lives in Spain. She took classes in oil painting, but the strong scent of the products deterred her from ever bringing her hobby home.

Years later, her kids gave her a computer and she discovered Microsoft Paint, and she realized she could make beautiful images without any scent or product at all, all she needed was a mouse.

The pictures she can create are actually beyond impressive. Personally, when I have used Paint, any lines I draw are wiggly, weird, and not what I intended. Somehow this woman who claims she has "no imagination" is creating these gorgeous masterpieces.

Not only is she making beautiful art, but she's gained a huge following online...

“I have no imagination at all, so I get inspiration from the postcards that my husband used to send me or drawings that I find and like.”

She started drawing on her computer when her husband became sick and she needed to stay home to take care of him.

“My husband fell ill and I had to take care of him, so I couldn’t go out very often,” Zaera said. “I began painting little things: first, a house, the next day I’d add a mountain… Step by step, I was adding details, and in the end, the result was a very pretty thing.”

Pixel by pixel, she creates these beautiful scenes. "It's not difficult," she  claims. "It's very laborious, yes, you need patience."

It usually takes her about two weeks to complete a piece of art, and she is always keeping a close eye on the details.

Her granddaughters suggested that she post her pictures on Instagram, and now she has well over 120k followers liking and commenting on her pictures.

“I do not understand very well why my drawings draw so much attention, I think they are very simple things.”

While a lot of grandparents stay away from technology, Zaera has embraced it fully. "My friends are 20 years younger than me and do not know how to turn on a computer," Zaera said. "With the amount of things that can be done with a computer!"

The one thing she refuses to do? Update her Windows system. She still operates on Windows 7 and doesn't want to change it because she likes how it works.

The details in the pictures are truly remarkable. She draws out each blade of grass and pays attention to the texture of everything, and it's because of that that thousands of people love her work.

What do you think? Would you be able to have the patience needed to create something this detailed in paint?  

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