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12 Normal Things 80s Kids Did At School That Just Aren't Allowed Anymore

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Times sure have changed from the 80's. It seems as though everything has become dependent on technology and there's been a crazy increase in helicopter parenting.

So what's changed in the school world? Can it really be that different? The answer is yes.

Things have definitely gotten a little more strict and little less fun-loving since we were in grade school. And who knows? Maybe it's justified. But honestly it just seems like today's kids are missing out!

Here are some totally normal things we'd do at school in the 80's but would not fly today.

1. Actually Choosing a Valentine

Today, most schools banned 'choosing Valentines' in class because it can cause isolation among children. Schools that do still allow for the fun cards require every student in the class to get one.

Well then how is Jimmy supposed to know I want to date just HIM!?

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2. Gender-Specific Classes

It used to be boys in shop class, girls in home economics. And don't get me wrong, I don't think schools should automatically assign courses based on gender.

But most schools don't even offer these classes anymore! How are kids supposed to learn basic life skills?


3. Clapping the Erasers

It was often used as a punishment, "If you don't stop that you'll have to stay and clap the erasers!" IE you'll have to stay and suffocate in a cloud of chalk.

Today, most classrooms have whiteboards or projectors instead of chalkboards. So kids today will never know the pain of having to hold your breath while being doused with chalk dust.

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4. Playing Dodgeball

Did you know schools hardly play this anymore because it's too "violent?" Yes, seriously.

Dodgeball is how you weed out the weak. You never really enjoyed it, but the anticipation of seeing who would get whipped in the head was always worth it.

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5. Making Ashtrays in Art Class

They were a classic gift made for any Mother's or Father's day. And seeing as almost everyone had a family member that smoked in the 80s, it made sense.

But if schools today had kids making ashtrays, more than one member of the PTA would be in that principal's office fighting for their resignation.

6. Getting Picked Up By Someone Who Is Not Your Parent

"Hey mom, Chelsea's parents are just gonna take me to their place for dinner, okay?" <-- not an uncommon phrase in the 80s. You were picked up by whoever was available.

Now, if you aren't on a specific sign-out list pre-approved by the parents, there is no way you're taking a kid home. Which honestly is probably for the best. STRANGER DANGER IS A THING!

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But those aren't the only things we got away with...

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