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8 Owen Wilson Movies That Will Make You Go "Wow"

Our favorite blonde Texan who likes teaming up with people has been entertaining us since the late 90s, and frankly we never want to imagine a world without him. Here are 8 movies to remind you of just how easy it is to love Owen Wilson.

Shanghai Noon

Most of us first heard of Wilson when he teamed up with Jackie Chan for this international tag-team buddy movie set in the Wild West. He's a great comedic foil to Chan's serious martial-artist, and the two have a LOT of fun together.

Meet The Parents

Making a solid appearance as the ex-boyfriend of Ben Stiller's new girl, Wilson established that he didn't need Jackie Chan at his side to be hilarious.


In this massively hilarious movie, Wilson's Hansel shines as the foil to Ben Stiller's lovable titular doofus, and steals every scene he's in (because he's SO HOT right now).

The Royal Tenenbaums

His first of several times working with perpetually quirky director Wes Anderson, Wilson's lovable as the most stereotypical southerner you could imagine.

His movies only get better from here...

Behind Enemy Lines

One of his few completely serious roles (that actually earned him an Oscar nomination), Wilson does surprisingly well in this tense thriller about a soldier caught behind... well, y'know.

Starsky & Hutch

This remake of the classic buddy-cop show didn't get a ton of love, but honestly Stiller and Wilson absolutely shine as the titular duo, and their personalities play off each other perfectly.

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

Another of his team-ups with Wes Anderson, I still can't figure out if this movie is supposed to be funny or not.

Wedding Crashers

Wilson and Vince Vaughn absolutely kill it in this movie about two men who crash weddings in order to pick up women, and it manages to be hilarious and surprisingly heartfelt at times. Fair warning: don't watch this on a date with a very shy, socially awkward girl. Trust me on this one.

Bonus: Star Wars

So Wilson's never actually been in a Star Wars movie, but some wonderful internet nerd replaced the lightsaber sounds with him going "wow" in this clip, and it's the funniest thing ever.

What's your favorite Owen Wilson movie?