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11 Years Later, Where's The Cast Of "7th Heaven" Now?

7th Heaven was one of the few shows you could sit and watch as a family growing up. It was a wholesome show that still held our attention for over a decade. We grew up with the characters as they did, and everyone can probably list off five lessons they learned while watching.

But now, 11 years after the show ended, what is the cast up to now? Let's start with the women.

Catherine Hicks as Annie Camden


Hicks played one of the best TV moms of all time, showing us that stay-at-home parents do more than just stay at home. Since the show ended, Hicks has mainly appeared in TV movies like Honeymoon From Hell and The Dog Who Saved Easter.

Mackenzie Rosman as Ruthie Camden

The CW

Ruthie Camden was the mischievous little sister we all knew and loved. Her curly hair was her trademark, and we all secretly wanted it. Now, Rosman has taken a step back from acting. In 2013, she appeared in Maxim magazine to declare to the world she was "all grown up." Rosman is an accomplished equestrian show jumper and still does a bit of acting here and there.

Beverly Mitchell as Lucy Camden


Mitchell had the potential to be a Disney Channel star after her movie, Right On Track, was a huge hit, but nothing ended up coming of it. She's acted fairly consistently since 7th Heaven ended, and is one of the most nostalgic members of the cast. She loves posting about her memories from the show, and often talks about the love she has for her co-stars.

Jessica Biel as Mary Camden


Biel is arguably the most successful member of the entire cast. After leaving the show to pursue a more "serious" career, Biel appeared in The Illusionist in 2007. Since then, she has been one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood, and was most recently nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in The Sinner. Biel married 90s sensation Justin Timberlake, and they share a son, Silas, together.

Now that we know what the women are up to...what about those pesky men?

Adam LaVorgna as Robbie Palmer

The CW

He may have only been in 50 episodes (out of 242), but Robbie Palmer certainly left an impression on all of us (and on Mary Camden.) Since the show ended, LaVorgna has had a few minor roles on some TV shows and has also been working on some film projects.

George Stults as Kevin Kinkirk

The CW

He was the most important non-Camden on the show, or at least that's what they wanted you to believe. Stults was brought on to play the brother of his real-life brother, Geoff Stults, who had a small role as one of Mary's love interests. He ended up becoming Lucy's husband. Stults doesn't have a ton of acting credits since the show ended but he has appeared in Zoo, Melissa & Joey, I’m Not Ready for Christmas and Christmas With the Andersons.

Lorenzo and Nikolas Brino as David and Sam Camden.

The CW
The CW

The Camden twins were actually originally played by all four of the Brino quadruplets, but as they grew up, Lorenzo and Nikolas became the official twins. Neither of them have any acting credits since the show ended, and their parents have stated they want the kids to live as normal a life as

Sadly, Lorenzo Brino, died on March 9. He was 21.

Brino died after losing control of his car a little after 3 AM in Yucaipa and colliding with a utility pole. He was pronounced dead at the scene according to a press release from the San Bernardino Coroner’s Office.

David Gallagher as Simon Camden

The CW

I don't know about the rest of you, but Simon grew to be one of my OG TV crushes. The fourth-oldest Camden kid grew into an angsty preteen, and that's just how we liked it. Now, most of his acting credits are for guest appearances on shows. Gallagher also voices Riku in the English version of the video game Kingdom Hearts.

Barry Watson as Matt Camden

The CW

The oldest child, Matt Camden was the typical heartthrob the show needed. He went on to become a doctor and secretly marry his girlfriend. The two aren't related...but they're pretty big deals in terms of character arcs, in my opinion. Watson has had reasonable success since 7th Heaven ended, starring in What About Brian and Samantha Who?. Most recently, he starred in Date My Dad.

Stephen Collins as Eric Camden

The CW

Camden was a pastor, but after the show ended, we all learned that Collins wasn't as Holy as his character. During a marriage therapy session during his divorce, Collins's then-wife, Faye Grant, recorded him confessing to sexually abusing young girls. However, Collins doesn't see himself as a pedophile.

“On the recording, I described events that took place 20, 32, and 40 years ago,” Collins said in a statement. “The publication of the recording has resulted in assumptions and innuendos about what I did that go far beyond what actually occurred. As difficult as this is, I want people to know the truth.”

NY Daily News

Grant used this information to try and extort him into signing a divorce settlement.

“She took me into a stairwell, and she told me there,” Collins said. “She revealed that--she said, ‘I recorded. I was wearing a wire. I recorded that session.’ … and she said, ‘Here's our settlement. You're going to sign it now. Or … that recording is going to find its way to the media.’”

Collins admitted to having a 10-year-old girl at his house, and moving [her hand] in such a way that she was touching me inappropriately" for what he "recalls was about 45 seconds." He also admitted to exposing himself to two other young girls, along with the 10 year old, on different occassions.

“The look on the one in 1982 was such that it immediately… just stopped everything cold,” he said. “It was clear that she was disoriented and frightened, and that just made me want to stop and cover up, and I did.”

I guess not everyone can be as great as their TV characters, now can they?