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7 Tips To Help You Find That Game You Miss From Your Childhood

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A lot of us grew up with some great video games as a kid, be it saving 2D worlds on the Super Nintendo, or taking on three of our friends at once on the Nintendo 64. It's even fun to revisit these games nowadays, but unfortunately they aren't always easily accessible.


Whether your mom cleaned out your closet and sold your games, or you played them so much they stopped working, sometimes you have to go back to square one and get a completely new (used) copy. However, just because the game is old, doesn't mean it's going to be easy to find, or that it'll be cheap if you do find it.

Stadium Events, for example, is worth over $100,000!Nintendo

For anyone looking to add something they miss to their collection, here are 7 tips to make the process as painless as possible!

Do your research and keep a list

Price Charts

Check websites like Video Game Price Charts to get an idea of what the average price of what you're looking for is. It will help you spot a good deal or determine if something's a ripoff. Also, make sure to write down what you're looking for and what you have, so the two don't get mixed up.

Set a realistic budget


Just because a game tends to go for a particular price, doesn't mean you have to be willing to pay that! Decide what it's worth to you and see what you can find it for.

Know how to check what condition it's in


Some online sellers go out of their way to hide info about a game's condition. If you want one that has the box, manual, and any goodies that came with the game originally, read the item's description very carefully.

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