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7 Movies That Wouldn't Fly If Released Today

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These classic films weren't seen as "racy" in their time, and we would have never thought twice about them being anything other than funny. In today's strongly politically correct generation, all of these films would be looked at as extremely offensive and flat-out unacceptable.

1. Breakfast at Tiffany's

Although this is still a classic that we all love, the problem is with Mickey Rooney, a white actor who plays the Asian character, Mr. Yunioshi. With buck teeth and a fake accent, it seems like the filmmakers weren’t even trying to be politically correct.

2. Ghostbusters

This movie has just about everything people would freak out about today: a 75% white male cast, elder abuse (Peter Venkman asks an elderly lady if she’s menstruating), attempted date rape (Venkman carries 300ccs of Thorazine around with him), sexist language, sexism towards the elderly, not environmentally friendly, and possibly being responsible for global warming. There was actually a remake of this movie that came out last year, that kind of turned the scales. The Ghostbusters were all women in the new film.

3. Pretty Woman

This movie tells us that it's okay to pay women for sex, as long as your rich. In this movie, he essentially buys Julia Roberts for more and more time until he eventually makes her his girlfriend. He then tells her how to dress, act and speak. There would be protests if this was released today.

4. White Chicks

White Chicks has a plot line that just wouldn't fly today. They test the limits with gender, race, and even border on a bit of date rapey-ness, and homophobia.

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