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7 Cartoon Moments That You Didn't Realize Were Actually Really Messed Up

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Cartoons are pretty much a staple for every kid. We all had at least one that we were completely obsessed with, but more often than not, we watched dozens of different shows.

The thing is, these cartoons aren't all as innocent as they may have seemed. There were a lot of moments or episodes that actually were a lot more scandalous than what kids our age should have been watching.

I mean, technically we didn't notice or understand, but these cartoons found a way to add some really interesting or mature things into these cartoons, sometimes without even mentioning it. Looking back it really makes you wonder how they managed to sneak these things past the sensors.

Let's take a look at some things that probably wouldn't fly today.

1. The Tiny Toons go on a drunken adventure

Tiny Toons drunk
Warner Bros.

The Bugs Bunny Show spin off, Tiny Toon Adventures had a strange episode where Bugs, Daffy, and Porky split a beer and end up getting so drunk that they steal and crash a police car. They even die in the episode! Apparently it was supposed to be a PSA, but instead it came across as irresponsible and was pulled from airing in the future.

2. Doug's daydreams were actually really dangerous

Doug Funny

So we all daydream, it's pretty normal, but Doug Funny would constantly start his daydreams while he was doing things that could have hurt himself and others. He once drove his bike into traffic, he got distracted while driving a soapbox derby car, and he got on a horse that was pretty dangerous. Why didn't more people care? It was sometimes a silly situation to be in, but it's also just a bit scary to know no one had his back.

3. Spongebob hid a body

Spongebob hides a body

Mr. Krabbs accidentally kills a health inspector and forces Spongebob to help him hide the body. That's a little dark for a cartoon, but it gets weirder. At the end of the episode the health inspector wakes up and they all just laugh it off. I feel like if I woke up to find people trying to bury me there would be no laughter...

4. Heffer goes to "Heck"

Heffer in Heck

Rocko's Modern Life was full of inappropriate moments, but when they send Heffer to "Heck" for eternal punishment  it was a whole other level. Rocko ends up saving him, but I really don't think Heffer learned his lesson.

But those aren't the only things you missed in your favorite cartoons...

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