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5 Times Jonathon Taylor Thomas Stole Your Heart Outside Of 'Home Improvement'


We were all in love with Jonathon Taylor Thomas when we were kids. He was clever, funny and above all else, so dreamy. He had that perfect 90s mushroom cut, he always made the best jokes and he was on the cover of every teen magazine imaginable.

Teen Beat

His career started when he was just 6 years old. He did the voice for a TV series called The Adventures of Spot. But little did he know, he was about to become one of the biggest names in the country.


Even though a lot of us remember watching him every week in Home Improvement, he did make some other appearances in other movies and TV shows. Some were great, but not all of them. How many of these do you remember?

The Bradys - Kevin Brady


This was supposed to be the extended families of the original 'Brady Bunch'. The original characters were in the show too, but now new younger kids made their way into the family. JTT played Kevin who was Greg Brady's son.

The Lion King - Young Simba


Voicing Simba in The Lion King was probably one of the best choices he could have made. Not only is the movie one of the best Disney movie ever, but JTT was able to give such a powerful performance as young Simba that he made us all cry.

What other roles did our favorite heartthrob play?

Tom and Huck - Tom Sayer

Buena Vista Pictures

The classic story of Tom and Huck is one that has been done a lot, but obviously this is the only one that mattered to us. He plays Tom Sawyer whose mischievous ways end up getting him into all kinds of trouble.

The Adventures of Pinocchio - Pinocchio

New Line Cinema

He voiced the part of the movie where it was a puppet, but then as well all know, Pinocchio becomes a real kid and so our favorite teen heartthrob shows up in a goofy little hat.

I'll Be Home For Christmas - Jake Wilkinson

Buena Vista Pictures

Jonathon Taylor Thomas took after his TV dad and entered the world of Christmas movies. He doesn't play Santa (despite the outfit in the picture) but he is trying to make it home for Christmas.


When you look through his filmography, he really wasn't in as many movies as it may have seemed. While it felt like he was everywhere all at once, it was mostly just all the teen magazine covers that made it seem like that. He was pretty busy on Home Improvement and then after leaving that show he went off to Harvard University!

The actor has done a limited number of projects since he left the hit show. They have been really sporadic and not his main focus. Instead he has been working on writing and directing. He is still keeping busy enough and is extremely happy with his decision to step out of the spotlight to have a little bit of a normal life.

Which of his famous roles was your favorite?