26 Best Happy Meal Toys From The 90s

There is no way to describe the excitement that came as a kid when your parents took you to McDonalds.

It was pure adrenaline. Do I get the nuggets or the burger this time? Cheeseburger? Milkshake? The options were endless.

But perhaps the best part was the uncertainty about which toy you'd be getting. Was it part of a movie franchise? Or was it a generic McDonalds toy? DOESN'T MATTER, I WANT THEM ALL!

We put together a list of the best Happy Meal toys from the 90s and it hit us with a giant wave of nostalgia.

1. Inspector Gadget

I ended up with about 5 watches, a claw arm, and nothing else.

2. McDino Changeables

The sneakiest dinosaurs ever.

3. Tiny Toons Flip Cars

It was basically two toys in one.

4. Batman Car Figures

The trickiest part was finding that front piece after it inevitably shot off into oblivion.

5. Potato Head Kids

So many career choices to be had.

6. Yo Yogi

These things could FLY!

7. FUNdamentals Food Figures

Odd that McDonlads was promoting "healthy eating" but whatever.

8. Bobby's World

Where is his tricycle???

9. Amazing Wildlife

Clearly the tiger and the turtle were the best.

10.  Spiderman Figures

So realistic, I feel like I'm IN the movie.

11. Disney Masterpiece Collection

The best toys and I'm willing to physically fight anyone who disagrees.

12. Muppet Treasure Island

Ideal for bath time and/or literally every other time of the day.

13. Babe Plushies

An iconic toy for an iconic movie.

14. Mighty Ducks Sliding Pucks

The only way to make hockey even better is adding ducks to it.

15.  Sky Dancers

Hopefully you didn't shoot yours into the fire place.

16.  Little Mermaid Floating Toys

The fanciest toy you'll ever receive next to french fries.

17. Hercules Action Figures

Hercules all day, every day.

18. Tamagotchi Keychains

I can't even begin to describe the nostalgia feels with this one.

19. McDonald's Animal Pals

Different than animal plushies and MUCH more coveted.

20. Tarzan Action Figures

Are you sensing the Disney theme?

21. Lion King II stuffed Toys

What happened to their faces?

22. Space Jam Plush Toys

I would still be thrilled to get one of these today.

23. Mini Furbies

Somehow creepier than the real thing.

24. 101 Dalmatians Figures

They had literally all the puppies but sweater puppy is obviously the cutest.

25. Halloween McNugget Buddies

Is that green one in the back Guy Fieri?

26. Teeny Beanie Babies

GIVE ME ALL OF THEM. NOW. FORGET THE BURGER AND FRIES (just kidding give me those, too.)

Which was your favorite toy? Let us know!