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Meet The Family Who Spent A Year Living Like It Was 1986

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Maybe we all wish we could relive our childhoods and escape our hectic, modern lives. But only Blair McMillan was brave enough to actually do it.

The father-of-two transported his family back in time for a year-long experiment that saw them living like it was 1986 again. Why 1986? That's the year Blair was born, but that's only part of the reason why.

Deborah Balc - The Globe and Mail

The concerned dad says he was inspired to turn back his family's clock when he noticed his sons Trey and Denton, aged five and two when the experiment started, were already addicted to his smartphone.

"I used to live outside, playing outside, and I realized how different my kids are," he told the CBC. "No cell phones, no computers, no internet. I basically wanted to mold it around my household when I was growing up."

And the family really committed to Blair's challenge. He and the boys sported matching mullet haircuts while he rocked a Tom Selleck mustache. Meanwhile, Blair's girlfriend, Morgan Patey, kept her hair looking totally '80s.


Living without the internet and other modern conveniences for a year was both rewarding and challenging, but in the end the family chose to return to the present when their challenge was finished.

And the reason why was pretty surprising.

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