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23 Books You Absolutely Couldn't Put Down When You Were A Kid

When we were kids, we didn't have quite as much technology as kids do now so we had to find ways to keep ourselves busy. The best way was to escape into a book and immerse yourself completely in some kind of fantastical world.


There were so many books to choose between when we were kids! If you were a big reader you absolutely would have read some of these!

Nancy Drew

The Baby-Sitters Club


Anything by Roald Dahl

Shel Silverstein's poems


Little House on the Prairie

Sweet Valley High

Boxcar Children

The Bobbsey Twins

Hardy Boys

Trixie Belden

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The Saddle Club

Judy Blume's

Beverly Cleary

Amelia Bedelia

Choose your own adventure books

Magic Tree House

Robert Munsch books (even they just picture books you know you read them when you got older!)

Dr. Seuss books (Same as Munsch, you know you read those no matter how old you were)

The Chronicles of Narnia

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Harry Potter

Which book was your favorite when you were a kid? Share in the comments!