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21 Actors Who Were Almost Cast As Famous Characters That Will Make You Say "Wait, What?"

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Casting a movie is a pretty big responsibility. If you make the right choice, the film could be a total hit, but if you choose wrong it could ruin the entire thing.

How many movies have you seen where you think of other actors who could have done it better? It seems like all your favorite actors are constantly fighting over the same parts, but they can't always win. Sometimes another actor is a better fit, while others may change their mind on the film. No matter the reasons why they didn't end up in the movie, it's got to be weird to watch another actor play the part you were fighting for.

These 21 actors were almost going to be in some of the most epic and classic movies around, but for one reason or another it didn't work out. Think of how different they would be!

Molly Ringwald as Vivian in 'Pretty Woman'

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She says she doesn't specifically remember why she turned it down but is okay with the fact that she did because she says that "Julia Roberts is what makes that movie."

Reese Witherspoon as Cher in 'Clueless'

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Resse Witherspoon was almost going to be Cher but when it came down to the wire Alicia Silverstone better fit the role.

Matthew McConaughey as Jack in 'Titanic'

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Matthew McConaughey wasn't the only other actor considered for the role. Macaulay Culkin was also being considered before they cast Leonardo DiCaprio.

Christina Applegate as Elle Woods in 'Legally Blonde'

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She turned down the role because she was afraid of playing another "dumb blonde" type role.

Will Smith as Neo in 'The Matrix'

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Will Smith was offered the role but turned it down, making room for Keanu Reeves to jump in.

Charlize Theron as Roxie Hart in 'Chicago'

Miramax / Miramax

Charlize Theron was really excited to make this movie, but she was kicked off when the project switched directors.

Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'

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Tom Selleck was going to play Indiana Jones but his schedule for Magnum P.I. wouldn't allow it.

Cameron Diaz as Mia in 'The Princess Diaries'

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Cameron Diaz was apparently asked to play Mia but turned it down. It probably would have been a VERY different movie if she hadn't.

Jack Nicholson as Michael Coleone in 'The Godfather'

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Nicholson said that he believed that he thought an actual Italian should play the character of Michael so he turned it down.

Tom Cruise as Ren in 'Footloose'

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Tom Cruise was already signed to All The Right Moves when he was offered the role of Ren.

Tom Hanks as Jerry Maguire in 'Jerry Maguire'

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Tom Hanks was who the writer of Jerry Maguire intended to play the titular character, but he was busy directing That Thing You Do when they were going to make it so Tom Cruise was cast instead.

John Travolta as 'Forrest Gump'

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He has actually said that he regrets turning it down, but luckily he did Pulp Fiction instead which still earned him an Oscar nomination.

Julia Roberts as Annie in 'Sleepless in Seattle'

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Julia Roberts was offered the role first but she was unavailable.

Johnny Depp as Ferris Bueller in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'

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Johnny Depp was John Hughes first choice to play the role but because of scheduling conflicts with 21 Jump Street he couldn't do it.

Annette Benning as Selina Kyle/Catwoman in 'Batman Returns'

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Annette Benning had originally intended to accept the role but then she had to turn it down because she was pregnant.

Gweneth Paltrow as Rose in 'Titanic'

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She said no to the role and even though it ended up a huge hit.

Jennifer Connelly as Veronica in 'Heathers'

TriStar Pictures / New World Pictures

The movie was written with Jennifer Connelly in mind but she turned it down and they went with Winona Ryder instead.

Kate Winslet as Viola in 'Shakespeare in Love'

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Kate Winslet turned down the role that led to Gweneth Paltrow's Oscar win because she wanted to focus on independent movies at the time.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Max Dennison in 'Hocus Pocus'

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DiCaprio was supposed to star as Max but he instead decided to make What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

Al Pacino as Han Solo in 'A New Hope'

Universal PIctures / 20th Century Fox

Al Pacino turned down the role because he said he didn't "understand the script" because it was too "out there".

Billy Idol as T-1000 in 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day'

Billy Idol was supposed to be the T-1000 but he was in a motorcycle accident and broke his leg so he couldn't do all the things the role needed.

Could you imagine these movies without their iconic actors? Let us know in the comments which you think would have done the best job in the role.