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20 Things That Kids Born After 2000 Will Never Have To Understand Or Overcome

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As the calendar turns another page, and we find ourselves staring down the barrel of 2018, now is the time to look back on our childhoods, and everything that we got to enjoy, and endure that children of today's world will just never understand.

The year 2000 doesn't seem that long ago, but in reality, the people born that year are going to be old enough to vote this year... Does that make you feel old?

Let's take a look at some of the things that will transport us back to the 90s.

1. When getting your music took hours, included a host of viruses for your computer, and was considered highly illegal.

2. After downloading your music illegally, you would burn them onto CDs that would then become so scratched you wouldn't be able to listen to them anymore.


3. Oh ya, you also had to transport this massive thing along with you everywhere you went in order to listen to your tunes.

4. Why didn't they make Discmen the right size to fit in your pocket?

5. When you actually had to wait in order re-watch your favorite movie.

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6. Or you had to re-spool the tape back onto your cassette in order to jam out to that 90s boy-band music.

7. After cassettes and discmen became obsolete, you still had to carry multiple devices to communicate and listen to music.

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8. When flip phones were the hottest things out there.

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9. When texting was more an art form, and those who mastered T9 were considered Gods.

10. When you were trying to call someone from your home phone, but you had to untangle the damn cord first.


Are you feeling old yet? Keep reading.

11. When TV screens were tiny compared to how they are now, but weighed 10 times what you get these days.

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12. Some people just had the touch for getting your video games to actually work.

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13. When you actually had to know how to read an actual map in order to find your way to a place you'd never been before.


14. Before they were called fidget spinners, these were both amazingly fun, and wildly dangerous LOL.


15. And having one of these made you pretty cool, for a little while.

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16. Communicating with your friends in class was a much harder proposition than it is today. It took skill not to get caught.


17. Everyone wanted to have one of these style of multi-pens, even though they were complete garbage.

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18. It hurt like hell when you got hit with a well aimed shot by someone behind you in class.


19. When Minesweeper was the best computer game (app) that was available to play.


20. The kids of today might have it a lot easier than we did, but at least we got to enjoy these.


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