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15 Things You Didn't Know About Spider-Man, Revealed By The Internet

Spider-Man's been around for a long time, and even after all kinds of cartoons, comics, toys and Hollywood movies, there's a bunch of things you probably still didn't know about the guy. In particular, these 15 facts are eye-opening!

His thoughts on clothing

He makes a terrible Santa Claus

He has the worst luck with writing instruments

His thoughts on the city he protects

He's got incredible dance moves

He's sensitive in places

He's not great at costume design

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Much like the Real Slim Shady, he's got lots of imitators

He's the adventurous type

He dreams big

The criminals he fights aren't very smart

He's a lover

He's stealthy

But he's also pretty shy

Above all else, he's got style

Did you know these things about Spider-Man?