15 Things We All Did After Our First Big High School Breakup

Breakups are the worst no matter what age you are, but when we were teenagers, a breakup legitimately felt like the world was coming to an end. It didn't matter that we'd only been dating for a week: we were in LOVE!

Of course, we had our ways of dealing with it, many of which were more or less normal for our age. Here are just a few of them...

1) Of course we cried. A lot.

Woody Nody

2) No seriously, like, a lot.

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3) Some of us refused to even believe it.

How To Parent

4) There was a lot of being angry about it.

My Life Moves

5) And venting to our best friends for days on end.


6) Usually with ice cream along for the ride, because it kinda helped.


7) Or, if you were the rebellious type, some kind of liquid pain relief (if you catch my drift).

The Fix

Things just get more real from here...

8) But eventually, we started to get a bit more numb to the pain.


9) Which could lead to some pretty stupid decisions, like immediately jumping to another relationship without growing.

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10) Or even worse, taking the person back.


11) Seriously, why did we all think things would suddenly work this time?

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12) So of course, we ended up right back in Dumpsville, population: us.


13) But this time things got easier, especially once we just accepted it.


14) And eventually, everything went back to normal.

The Onion

15) ...Until the next one came along that is.

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Which of these did you go through in high school?