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15 Live Albums Better Than Anything Ever Created In A Studio


Nothing beats the sheer electric thrill of a live rock show. Unfortunately, the bigger your favorite band gets, often the harder it is to get tickets. Good thing that for decades, plenty of awesome bands have captured their live experience in a recorded form, and these 15 in particular are practically as awesome recorded as they are live!

1) Deep Purple - Made In Japan

2) The Who - Live At Leeds

3) Kiss - Alive!

Casablanca Records

4) Nirvana - MTV Unplugged In New York

5) Cheap Trick - At Budokan

6) Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive!

7) Led Zeppelin - How The West Was Won

Atlantic Records

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8) The Ramones - It's Alive

9) MC5 - Kick Out The Jams

10) Motörhead - No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith

11) Thin Lizzy - Live And Dangerous

12) Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison

13) The Rolling Stones - Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!

Decca Records

14) Iron Maiden - Live After Death

15) Lynyrd Skynyrd - One More From The Road


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