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15 Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Will Change How You Remember The Movie

Watching movies can transport you into another world entirely. There is nothing quite like it. You can feel like you are right there with the characters, experiencing their emotions first hand. That is, until you see the behind the scenes pictures.

Obviously the things that happen in movies aren't real and we know that, but it's still crazy to see what it's really like behind the scenes of these wonderful films. Do you think it spoils the magic or makes you appreciate the work that went into it more?

Frankenstein loves tea

Universal Pictures

Jaws had some friends

Universal Pictures

Edward wasn't always awkward

20th Century Fox

The boys of Ben Hurr got a new chariot

MGM Studios

R2D2 needed some lunch

20th Century Fox

Freddy loved to dance

New Line Cinema

Predator wasn't all that bad

20th Century Fox

The ape planet has excellent amenities

20th Century Fox

Conan found a new way to maintain those muscles

Universal Pictures

That's a very life like robot head huh?

Buena Vista Pictures

He'll be back... in fifteen minutes because he needs a coffee break

Oron Pictures

Even Wizards need to check their emails

New Line Cinema

It just doesn't look right like this huh?

20th Century Fox

C3P0 looks different... But I can't tell what it is

20th Century Fox

Murderers get thirsty too I guess...

Compass International

Hopefully these didn't ruin the illusion for you!

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