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14 Times Stuart Was The Best Thing To Happen To MADtv

MADtv is often looked at as a step down from Saturday Night Live. They were both airing at the same time, and it was clear to a lot of people that SNL had the monopoly on sketch comedy.

However, there was one series of sketches that remains incredibly popular and absolutely out-ranked anything that SNL put out at the same time.

Remember Stuart?


Played by Michael McDonald, Stuart was a man-child with an impossibly annoying voice and whose catchphrase was always "LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!" His mom, played by Mo Collins, struggled to control him, which lead to some hilarious antics.

These are the best Stuart sketches from MADtv, and also some bloopers! Do you remember watching them?

1. Stuart Goes To A Chinese Restaurant

2. Stuart Goes To School

3. Stuart and the Babysitter

4. Stuart Gets Lost

5. Stuart Goes To The Airport

6. Stuart At The Pet Store

7. Stuart Goes To His Dad's

8. Stuart's First Appearance

9. Stuart At The Therapist

10. Stuart's Valentines Day

11. MADtv Stuart's Big Brother Program

12. Stuart and His Grandparents

13. Stuart's Halloween

14. Bloopers

Which Stuart sketch was your favorite?