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13 Things You Never Knew About Frasier

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Very few shows have as long or as successful of a run as Frasier. The show had 11 seasons between 1993-2004 and was nominated for many awards over the years. Its dry humor and quick wit kept it fresh, but how much did you really know about one of your favorite shows?

The Cheers spin-off had a lot of behind-the-scenes secrets you never realized so take a look and find out all about one of the best shows of the 90s.

1. Kelsey Grammer Played Frasier For 20 Years

If you count both Cheers and Frasier, Kelsey Grammar played Frasier Crane for 20 consecutive years. That's an insane amount of time to play one character! No one else has beaten that record, the only person who has tied him is James Arness who played Marshall Dillon on Gunsmoke.

2. He has been nominated for his portrayal of Frasier on THREE different series

He has been nominated for an Emmy for not only Cheers and Frasier, but also for a guest appearance he had on the show Wings.

3. The character Niles was created specifically for David Hyde Pierce

Frasier didn't have a brother originally. It wasn't until the casting director saw a photo of him and noticed the resemblance that they even thought that should be a part of the show. They discovered an old political sitcom called The Powers That Be staring Pierce and after a quick interview with the actor they offered him the role.

4. The original plan for the show was nothing to do with the Cheers alum

Kelsey Grammer originally had the idea to make his show completely separate from Cheers. They didn't want to continue on that and suffer from comparisons but the studio hated the idea they came up with. Apparently they pitched Grammer as a paralyzed media mogul with a nurse in a Manhattan apartment.

5. After agreeing to using Frasier, they moved it to Seattle

They had to distance themselves from Cheers somehow so they went with the physical option. They set the show in Seattle so they wouldn't have to deal with constant questions about guest stars from Cheers. They decided that Fraiser's voice was great for the radio which is what inspired the call-in psychiatry show.

6. Pheobe was almost Roz

That's right, Lisa Kudrow was actually on her third day of rehersals before getting recast. She apparently wasn't forceful enough to combat Grammer's attitude so they ended up going with Peri Gilpin, a.k.a the Roz Doyle we all know and love. Luckily Lisa Kudrow has done just fine for herself...

There are even more secrets from the set of Frasier, click on the next page to find out the meaning behind the theme song!

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