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13 Reasons People Still Quote Monty Python Even If They've Never Seen The Show

Monty Python remains one of the greatest British comedy troupes of all time, and their work is still hilarious even today. Even though these sketches are over 40 years old, we're pretty sure you'll love these 13 hilarious moments.

Ministry of Silly Walks

The sketch that everybody knows, John Cleese steals the show (and our hearts) with his absolutely insane and hilarious leg movements.

Spanish Inquisition

The real Spanish Inquisition was a horrific period of human history, but Monty Python turns them into bumbling, incredibly silly fools.

The Parrot Sketch

Never has the notion of buying an already-dead animal been this hilarious, and John Cleese's exasperation is perfect.

Argument Clinic

The notion of paying someone to argue with you is pretty absurd, and the Pythons take the concept to its absolute hilarious extreme.


Have you ever gone to a restaurant where they were out of everything you wanted? Now imagine if the only replacement was spam. The results are pretty amazing.

It just keeps getting funnier from here...

Piranha Brothers

The sprawling crime saga of Britain's most over the top, unhinged criminals is so absurd it's absolutely amazing. It's a lesser-known sketch, but absolutely one of the funniest.

The Funniest Joke In The World

A joke so funny that it causes people to laugh themselves to death gets weaponized during World War II. It's the kind of weirdly genius concept that only the Pythons could pull off.

Lumberjack Song

What starts off as an ode to one of the "manliest" professions becomes a case of a man sharing just a bit too much of his personal life.

Hell's Grannies

Take the most stereotypical story of rebellious youths and make it about grandmothers, and you're guaranteed to laugh 'til it hurts.

Nudge Nudge

When innuendo just goes a bit too far...

Dennis Moore

Notorious highwayman Dennis Moore steals from the rich to give to the poor. Problem is, instead of taking their valuables... he takes their lupins.

How Not To Be Seen

The most unhinged and deadly instructional video you've ever seen...

The Bishop

In this parody of the famous British show The Saint, an aggressive Bishop races around London to try to save parishioners from freak assassinations, always arriving too late.

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