13 Reasons Bernard Is The True Hero Of The Santa Clause

We all can agree that The Santa Clause is one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time right? Good.

Now that we are in agreement, let's discuss the unsung hero of this franchise: Bernard the elf. He is really fantastic in so many ways, and probably one of the most relatable characters in cinematic history. Too far? Maybe. But still, you should check out why Bernard is so important. Here are the 13 reasons why Bernard is the greatest.


1. Bernard has so much sass. Just about all of the sass. There is none left for anyone else, he used it up.

2. Seriously, he gets so frustrated so often and I understand that feeling.

3. He may or may not have an anger problem, which really goes against the whole "Elf" stereotype, so it's refreshing and perfect.

4. He trusts very small children with very important artifacts, but when he hands it to them he stares them down so intensely that they know they better not lose it.

5. He is very good at public speaking.

6. He is a top notch manager who will take none of your nonsense.

7. He isn't going to let you forget his name. He deserves respect and he knows it!

8. Bernard knows that sometimes it's best to just look away and pretend like nothing happened.

9. He also is very understanding.

10. He makes a fine sandwich.

11. He knows when it's time to stop celebrating and get back to work.

12. He knows how to make a dramatic entrance with his gang.

13. And most importantly, he is always right, all the time.

Thanks Bernard the elf for being the true hero of The Santa Clause!

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