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12 Wild Moments From 'The O.C.' That Will Remind You Why It Was The Craziest Show On Television

Though it only lasted for four seasons (which some would say was at least one season too many), The O.C. was a huge part of the early 2000s. This is partially thanks to how many flat-out insane moments happened on a near-weekly basis on the show, with these 12 taking the cake.

When Marissa straight up shot a guy

When the show tried to make Chrismukkah a thing

When Caleb has a heart attack and dies in a pool

This unintentionally hilarious poolside meltdown


Somehow it only gets crazier from here...

When Paris Hilton was a guest star for some reason

When Marissa overdoses

And when she straight up DIES (complete with a fiery explosion)

When it turns out Julie was in some pretty adult movies

When the flavor of the week romantic interest fell off a cliff and died (and we were all okay with it)

When this happened (it was the early 2000s)

When Ryan and Taylor have a freaking shared coma fantasy (proving definitively that this show was a soap opera)

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