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12 'Chappelle's Show' Skits We All Still Quote Today

Though it only ran for two seasons before its star's infamous breakdown, Chappelle's Show was way ahead of its time. It was one of the funniest shows ever put on TV, and it made an absolute star out of Dave Chappelle. Despite its short run, we still remember its skits to this day, especially these 12.

Warning: These clips contain foul language.

Making The Band

Back during the height of MTV reality shows, Making The Band was huge, and so was P. Diddy. Chappelle's version has some great moments.

The Racial Draft

A draft is held where representatives of each race choose which celebrities they want to officially come into the fold.

When Keepin' It Real Goes Wrong

A man decides to "keep it real" when faced with adversity, and the results are hilariously horrible.

If The Internet Was A Real Place

Dave visits a real-life representation of the internet, with all the weirdness and perversion the internet is known for.

Wu-Tang Financial

When it comes time to plan for your family's future, enter the 36 chambers, and step to the Wu.

The skits get even funnier from here...

Tron Carter's Law and Order

In a hilarious subversion of how race is often handled by the police, a drug kingpin gets treated like an absolute king.

Black Bush

Chappelle plays an outrageous, over-the-top version of George W. Bush at the outset of the Iraq war, and the results are hilarious.

Samuel Jackson Beer

If Samuel L. Jackson had his own beer, the commercial would probably look like this.

The Wayne Brady Show

Dave goes on a car ride with Wayne Brady, only to discover that the perpetually-clean comedian has a MAJOR dark side to his life.

Nelson Mandela's Boot Camp

Some troubled kids get sent to boot camp, with the harshest C.O. of all time.

What Music People Respond To

Dave sets out to prove that every race can dance... provided you give them the right kind of music to dance to.

Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories

The skit that made the show famous, Charlie Murphy recounts stories of him and Eddie hanging out with celebrities, all of whom are played by Chappelle. Rick James is by far the best-known.

However, the Prince sketch is just as funny.

What was your favorite Chappelle's Show moment?