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12 Times Celebrities Showed Up In Movies As Themselves, And We Loved It

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We're used to celebrities showing up as different characters in movies and TV, but the absolute best are when they appear as fictional, almost ridiculous versions of themselves. In particular, these 12 were especially great.

David Bowie - Zoolander


He judges a male model walk-off between Ben Stiller's Derek Zoolander and Owen Wilson's Hansel, and comes off like a total badass in the process.

Adam West - Family Guy


The late West played himself as the eccentric, genuinely insane mayor of Quahog, Rhode Island. He was one of the most consistently funny characters on the show.

Neil Patrick Harris - Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

Warner Bros.

The multi-talented actor appeared as a version of himself obsessed with cocaine, theft, and prostitutes. It was so ridiculous and well-performed that it actually rekindled his career!

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon - Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Dimension Films

As a favor to director Kevin Smith, who cast them in several movies at the outset of their careers, the dynamic duo appeared as themselves while filming the fictional Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season. The results are hilarious.

The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night

United Artists

It was the first of the Fab Four's several movie appearances, and while it could have been a simple documentary, it instead becomes a comedy about The Beatles' lives as troublemaking miscreants who are as funny as they are talented.

Peter Falk - Wings of Desire

Road Movies

The man best known as both Columbo and the grandfather in The Princess Bride appeared as a version of himself who talks to an angel that has come to watch humanity first-hand. He talks about his views on humanity, and even implies he's an angel himself, which we'd honestly believe.

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